Repair Call: Front-load Washer Not Entering Fast Spin Cycle

Today started with an appliance repair call at House 9. The GE WHDVH660HBB front load washer starts to spin and then stops. Since it never enters into the fast spin cycle the load is slopping wet when the wash completes.

This is unit is over ten years old so there is no fancy displaying of error codes to help facilitate troubleshooting. After running a couple of test cycles with no load, I ended up figuring out that the issue was the washer’s inability to drain completely before entering the spin cycle. It seems when this happens the washer aborts the spin cycle.

Leveraging what I learned from two previous repair calls for similar issues at House 7, I decided to check the drain filter trap.  I took off the bottom panel to gain access to the drain filter trap.

When I opened it, I found it completely filled with screws, coins, and a giant ball of dog hair. Once the filter trap was cleaned out and reinstalled the washer returned to full working order.

Total cost of repair: $0.  Now that is the benefit of being a DIY landlord.

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