DIY Kitchen Demolition Begins

With the kitchen remodeling plan finalized, today I rolled up my sleeves and got started with the kitchen demolition. Read More

DIY Kitchen Remodel – The Plan

In last week’s post, we discussed the reasons why we are starting a kitchen remodel at House 1.  Since that time, Ms. DIY Landlord and I have mulled over several options and have settled on what we think is the most cost-effective solution for addressing the small kitchen size. Read More

DIY Kitchen Remodeling on House 1

In mid-2007, I decided to begin my journey in real estate investing.  After looking at several different areas surrounding my city’s downtown area, I picked out a specific neighborhood where I felt homes not only had the best present day value but also had the greatest potential for long term appreciation.  Due to widespread mortgage fraud, the wave of foreclosures started by the subprime mortgage crisis had already started in my target neighborhood, well ahead of other housing markets both state and nationwide.  There was no shortage of inventory so I looked at a dizzying array of properties in a span of several months. Read More

Tips for Successful Appliance Repair Visits

A few days ago, we made a repair visit for a front load washer not draining properly.  At the end of that post, I shared a list of useful tips for improving the success of appliance repair visits.  In this article, I will elaborate on each of these tips so you can put them into use for your DIY landlording. Read More

Repair Call: Front-load Washer Not Draining

Today’s repair call is for a problem that we have not previously encountered. Follow along with us as we tackle a drainage issue on a front-load washer. Read More