House 9 Remodeling: Fence Replacement – The Assessment

I purchased House 9 in late 2009 during the Great Recession.  Built in 2006, the house was just three years young.  When the house was built, a 5 1/2 foot tall, wood privacy fence was also erected on the east side of the property.  This 98-foot section of fencing is now 12-years-old and is clearly showing its age. Read More

The Value of Passive Income

This past Sunday afternoon, I was enjoying the pleasant weather and working on rebuilding the fence at House 9 when I received an email notification from my day job for an all company meeting early the very next morning.  “That’s strange.  I bet the company just got acquired,” I remarked to Mrs. DIY Landlord.  Sure enough, a quick search on Google revealed that just 30 minutes prior the oldest technology company in the world had announced its intent to purchase the company I work for in a deal valued at $34 billion, the third largest acquisition of a technology company ever in history. Read More

House 1 Remodeling: Hardwood Flooring Installation – Day 4

On day 3 of the installation of hardwood flooring at House 1, the crew performed rough sanding of the floors followed by application of wood fillers. Today the crew performed fine sanding of the hardwood floors and installed the stair treads. Read More

House 1 Remodeling: Hardwood Flooring Installation – Day 3

On day 2, the flooring crew finished the remainder of the hardwood installation in House 1.  Today, they moved on to the next step in the process and performed the sanding of the newly installed hardwood. Read More

House 1 Remodeling: Hardwood Flooring Installation – Day 2

The crew returned for day 2 of hardwood floor installation.  On day 1, they installed hardwood flooring upstairs.  Today, they focused their attention downstairs. Read More

House 1 Remodeling: Hardwood Flooring Installation – Day 1

The hardwood flooring material has had some time to acclimate in House 1 and is ready to be installed.  The crew began by removing the existing 10-year-old carpet from the stairway, hallway, and bedrooms.  Once the carpet and pad was removed, they proceeded with the installation of the hardwood flooring upstairs. Read More

House 1 Remodeling: Hardwood Flooring Purchase

With the floor sag issue resolved, we are now ready to move forward with probably the biggest part of House 1’s remodeling.  House 1 is approximately 2,000 square feet.  Currently, the common area has hardwood flooring and the bedrooms are carpeted. Read More

Repairing Sagging Floors – Part 5: Second Repair Attempt

After a failed attempt to repair the sagging floors at House 1, I called back Company 2 to see if they were interested in the job.  They were bummed about losing out the bid and were ecstatic to have the opportunity.  We met again to discuss the details of the work until I felt comfortable proceeding. Read More

Repairing Sagging Floors – Part 4: First Repair Attempt

After reviewing the quotes we received from the three foundation repair specialists, we decided to go with Company 3 because they had spent the most time analyzing the problem and had the most detailed work proposal. Read More

Repairing Sagging Floors – Part 3: The Structural Engineer

The three foundation repair specialists each gave me different root cause analysis for the sagging floor issue in House 1.  As an engineer by trade, I know that proper problem resolution must first start with proper problem identification.  Many of the foundation specialists offered assumption-based guesses for their root cause analysis.  I wanted a fact-based approach to ensure the issue at hand was correctly identified.  So, I decided to hire a structural engineer to get a fact-based root cause analysis. Read More