Remodeling: Installation of a Tesla Wall Connector

The bad thing about being a DIY landlord with many properties is that you are always working on your rental properties and neglecting your own home because the rentals are cash-flowing assets and the home is a liability.

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Habit For Humanity Home Build Day 4

Mrs. DIY Landlord and I returned today to volunteer at Clark Howard’s Habitat For Humanity home build. The house we worked on today was on day 4 of its build which comprised of painting, insulation installation, soffit installation, roofing and porch rail carpentry.

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Volunteering At Habitat For Humanity Home Build

If you are intimidated by the thought of being a DIY landlord because you are new and do not have any experience with home repair and construction, a great way to get your toes wet and get some hands on experience is to volunteer at a Habit For Humanity home build. It is no cost, someone will show you what to do, there is no time pressure, and if you screw up it is not the end of the world. This is how Mrs. DIY Landlord learned before we met.

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Repairing Damaged Trailer Harness Wires

As a DIY landlord, the best tool investment I have made has to be my trailer. My trailer is a Carry-On 5X8SSG which I purchased for $1100. This thing has earned its weight in gold in all the delivery charges it has saved me not to mention saving my car the wear and tear from transporting debris, yard equipment, building supplies, etc. Read More

Remodeling: DIY Pegboard Installation for Garage Organization

When you are a DIY landlord, you quickly accumulate tools and supplies. Before you know it, you are running out of storage space and and chaos ensures.  One of my resolutions this year is to stay better organized so I can run the business more efficiently and effectively. I decided to install pegboards on my garage wall so I can make best use of the vertical space in the garage.

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Repair Call: Front-load Washer Not Entering Fast Spin Cycle

Today started with an appliance repair call at House 9. The GE WHDVH660HBB front load washer starts to spin and then stops. Since it never enters into the fast spin cycle the load is slopping wet when the wash completes.

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House 9: Opening the Secret Gates – Abracadabra

In the last post, we finished our ambitious DIY project of building a set of secret double gates at House 9.  Now that the construction of the hidden gates are complete, it is time to tackle the next challenge of devising a mechanism to be able to open the gates from both inside and the outside.  Of course, on the outside, the mechanism has to hidden in order to not compromise the secrecy of the hidden gate. Read More

House 9 Remodeling: Constructing Secret Gates – Day 4

On day 3, I nearly completed the DIY construction of the secret gates at House 9.  Today, I fix the small imperfection which kept me from closing out the project. Read More

House 9 Remodeling: Constructing Secret Gates – Day 3

On day 2 of this project, I made substantial progress and neared the completion of the DIY construction of the secret gates at House 9.  Today, with all the surrounding framing in place, I started by completing the top header wall above the double gates by cutting cedar fence boards to length and then installing them in a board-on-board configuration to match the position of the fence boards on the double gates. Read More

House 9 Remodeling: Constructing Secret Gates – Day 2

In day 1 of this project, I constructed one of the two double gates at House 9 and wrapped up the day by setting the second of the two posts which will hold the double gates.  Today, I continue with my DIY secret gate construction and started by building out the top header wall frame. Read More