Remodeling: Installation of a Tesla Wall Connector

The bad thing about being a DIY landlord with many properties is that you are always working on your rental properties and neglecting your own home because the rentals are cash-flowing assets and the home is a liability.

The good thing about being a DIY landlord is that when you do end up having to work on your own home, you have already had lots of practice on your guinea pig rentals.

Our new #teslamodel3 charges at a painfully slow 2-3 miles/hr using the mobile connector which comes with the car when plugged into a standard 110V outlet. With Mrs. DIY Landlord’s 100 mile round trip work commute, we have been having to supplement at #teslasupercharger stations a couple of times of week.

While we have six months of free Supercharging, it is an inconvenience not to be able to do all of our charging at home. Also, because of the slow charging speed, we cannot get a full recharge completed during the off-peak hours designated by our power company and receive the full benefit of the lowest electricity cost.

So I decided to upgrade us to the fastest home charging option, the Tesla Wall Connector, which charges at a blazing fast 44 miles/hr.

My panel had just enough space left for the addition of a 60 amp circuit. I got the breaker and the 28 foot of 6-2 with ground wire from #homedepot for a total of about $80.


I wanted a clean looking installation so I ran the wire from the electrical panel in the laundry room into the crawl space and then inside the garage wall.

All that is left to do now is the easy work of patching up the drywall.

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