House 9 Remodeling: Constructing Secret Gates – Day 4

On day 3, I nearly completed the DIY construction of the secret gates at House 9.  Today, I fix the small imperfection which kept me from closing out the project.

The small imperfection which was nagging me at the end of day 3 was the protrusion of the upper and lower trim on the top header wall over the front face of the faux posts.

My fix for this issue was to install another 2x6x8 piece of rough cedar lumber over the existing faux posts.  With the pieces added to the two faux posts, the 1×4 cedar pieces which trimmed the top header wall were now recessed from the front face of the faux posts.  The addition also improved the appearance of the faux posts by giving them more depth and dimension.

The top decorative cap which spanned over the two posts and the top wall header was still recessed.  I detached and reattached it to be flush with the front face of the two faux posts and everything now looks flawless.  The final product looks like a solid fence wall to the uninformed observer which is exactly the vision I had in mind at the culmination of this project.

With the construction complete, here is the revealing of the secret gates.  Now you see them…

… and now you do not!

To say that I am absolutely thrilled with how my first hidden door project turned out would be a huge understatement.  I cannot wait until I tackle my next hidden door project in the interior of a home.

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