House 9 Remodeling: Constructing Secret Gates – Day 3

On day 2 of this project, I made substantial progress and neared the completion of the DIY construction of the secret gates at House 9.  Today, with all the surrounding framing in place, I started by completing the top header wall above the double gates by cutting cedar fence boards to length and then installing them in a board-on-board configuration to match the position of the fence boards on the double gates.

The completion of the top wall finally provided an accurate sense of the final product would provide in terms of privacy improvement.  This eight foot wall now offers the east side yard of House 9 complete privacy even from the street level which is 2 feet higher than the front yard.

Now it is time to put on the finishing touches in order to conceal the double gates.  My plan was to hide the gap between the top header wall and the gate with a piece of 1×4 cedar trim overlapping the gap.  A matching piece was also installed at the top border of header wall for a balanced look.  With these two trim pieces in place, the double gate completely disappeared and was camouflaged as a fence section.

At the point, I couldn’t help but show off my work to Mrs. DIY Landlord.  I had her come out and watch me demonstrate the hidden gate for the first time.  She was rather impressed with not just the ingenuity of the design but also the precision of the construction.

To finish things up, I trimmed several pieces of 1×4 cedar lumber to fill the gaps on the outside of the two faux posts.

While the secret gate construction was esentially complete, a small imperfection was nagging me.  The 1×4 cedar trim pieces at the top and bottom of the header wall ended up protruding over the front face of the two faux posts as well as the top decorative cap.

After thinking over this issue a little bit, I decided on a possible fix.  The fix required a trip to the store so I decided to call it a day.  Check out the next post to see how I take care of this small imperfection.

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