House 9 Remodeling: Constructing Secret Gates – Day 2

In day 1 of this project, I constructed one of the two double gates at House 9 and wrapped up the day by setting the second of the two posts which will hold the double gates.  Today, I continue with my DIY secret gate construction and started by building out the top header wall frame.I began by installing two framing brackets on the post I installed yesterday and installing another framing bracket on the first post.  I then cut and installed two 2×4 pieces to span from the fence to the side face of the house.  The lower of the two rails sits just slightly higher than the top edge of the gate.  In addition to creating the framing for the top header wall, these two rails also server to brace the two posts apart to counter their tendency to lean towards each other due to the weight of the gates hanging on them.

With the two rails attached and bracing the two posts apart, I then installed the second gate frame.  I was very happy to find all my measurements from the previous day were spot on and that the gates were perfectly spaced apart.

Here’s a view from the inside of the gates. The spacing between the two gates is perfect for the latch installed.

I cut rails to length for the second gate and then attached them to the gate frame.  Then I installed the cedar fence boards in the same board-on-board arrangement as the other gate.  The boards were laid out so that they seamlessly form what appears to be a continuous section of fence boards.

Here’s the view from the other side of the gates.

With the gates in place, it was now time to work on the surrounding structure.  On the right post, I installed more framing brackets and attached 2×4 pieces to them to serve as rails for the structure which will be surrounding the right gate.  On the left post, I attached a piece of 2x6x8 rough red cedar lumber to resemble a faux 6 inch wide wood post.

I installed a second piece of 2x6x8 red cedar lumber to create the faux 6 inch wide wood post on the right side.  I then attached a 2×4 rough red cedar lumber piece over the top rail to serve as a decorative top cap.

With the sun quickly setting, I decided to call it a day rather than rushing the project along.  So far, everything is working exactly according to the plan I had in my mind.  Check back for the next post where I continue the DIY construction of these secret gates.

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