House 9 Fence Replacement Project Cost

With the DIY fence replacement project completed at House 9, we can now evaluate the project’s total cost.  Before we dive into those details, here is a video showing how the old fence looked and also showing the final reveal of the new and improved privacy fence.

House 9 Fence Replacement Cost

Costs for the replacement of 98 feet of 5-1/2 foot wood privacy fencing with 8 foot wood privacy fencing using steel posts, steel adapters, and board-on-board configuration.
ItemQuantityUnit PriceTotal Price
Total Cost:$2,934.61
2-3/8 in x 11 ft Galvanized Steel Post18$33.13$596.34
2-3/8 in x 8 ft Galvanized Steel Post1$13.38$13.38
80 Pound Bag Concrete Mix38$4.49$170.62
Post to Rail Adapter75$5.62$421.50
2 in x 4 in x 16 ft Pressure Treated #2 Prime Lumber*38$7.77$295.26
1 in x 6 in x 8 ft Pressure Treated Pine Fence Picket*267$2.58$688.86
5 Pound Box of 1-5/8 in screws (619 Screws)3$29.98$89.94
5 Pound Box of 2-1/2 in screws (365 Screws)3$29.98$89.94
Aluminum Chain Link Fence Post Cap*19$0.99$18.81
Hydraulic Auger Rental (1 Day)1$76.00$76.00
Mini Skid Steer Rental (1 Day)1$239.00$239.00
Mini Skid Steer Delivery (1 Way)2$69.00$138.00
Disposal of Old Fence at Landfill (1 Trip)1$45.00$45.00

Overall, the project cost totaled to $2,934.61.  About 82% of that cost was in materials.  Tool rentals accounted for 17% of the cost.  The remaining 1.5% or so was the cost to dispose of the old fence and concrete footers.

Since this was a DIY project, we had absolutely no labor cost.  We applied what we saved on labor cost to upgrades in materials, such as steel posts, steel adapters, and screws.  We believe these improvements will significantly enhance the life of the new fence.  Had we farmed out this project and had the contractors build the fence to these exact same specifications, the costs would have been prohibitively expensive.

This ability to lower costs and at the same time achieve a much higher quality product is the reason why we prefer the DIY approach to landlording.

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