House 9 Remodeling: Fence Replacement – Day 5

On day 4 on the DIY fence replacement project at House 9, we completed another 5 fence sections and set the last of the fence posts in concrete.  Today, we resumed the project on its homestretch and brought it to completion.

With Mrs. DIY Landlord still busy with her day job, I tackled what was remaining of the project on my own.  In one afternoon, I completed the final six sections of fencing, bringing the entire 98 stretch of fence replacement to completion.

Here is a view of the completed fence from the yard of the neighboring house.

The top opening of the steel posts need to capped in order to prevent rain from entering and corroding the posts from inside out.  The dome caps which are typically sold for this purpose would not match the straight flat top edge of the fence.

Instead I purchased low profile, flat galvanized steel caps from  These were installed on the top of each post.

Since the neighboring house is currently under renovation by an investor, I wanted to make sure there was no confusion regarding the ownership of this fence.  I do not want the new buyer to mistakenly assume that the new fence was part of the renovation done to the house.  So I installed a few “Beware of Dog” signs on the outside of the fence.

After five days of work broken up over a couple of weeks, the DIY fence replacement project at House 9 is finally completed!  Mrs. DIY Landlord and I are thrilled with how everything turned out. The eight foot fence is a huge privacy improvement for House 9.  In addition, the new fence is truly built to last so we fully expect the fence to last for several decades to come.

Unfortunately, the wood double gate which joins this fence to the side of the house is now looking sorry next to the brand new fencing.  Perhaps the replacement of these double gates will be our next DIY landlord project at House 9.

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