House 9 Remodeling: Fence Replacement – Day 4

With the hard work of the fence posts removal and installation done on day 3, today I continued with the second phase of DIY fence reconstruction at House 9.  Mrs. DIY Landlord was swamped with her day job responsibilities, so I tackled the work of putting up another five sections of fencing on my own.

Using the same methodology that we employed in the first phase of the project, I began by installing the top set of fence brackets on the posts.

I then worked my way down the posts installing fence brackets followed by 2×4 rails.

I then moved on to the installation of the fence boards by attaching the first layer of fence boards.  The boards were spaced 3.5 inches apart from each other.

Once the first layer of fence boards was installed, I then attached a second layer of fence boards to complete the board-on-board arrangement.

To give the fence a clean look, I trimmed off the dog ears protruding above the top rail using a circular saw.

By this point, Mrs. DIY Landlord had finished up at her day job and came out to help me set the last few posts in concrete.

Unfortunately, sunset came quickly so we will have to continue our DIY fence reconstruction at House 9 on day 5.

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