House 1 Remodeling: Hardwood Flooring Installation – Day 3

On day 2, the flooring crew finished the remainder of the hardwood installation in House 1.  Today, they moved on to the next step in the process and performed the sanding of the newly installed hardwood.

On the first floor, the common area (kitchen, living room, and dining room) already had existing hardwood.  The last tenant had four dogs so there were noticeable scratches in these areas.  So, we decided to also have the floor crew sand the old hardwood floor as well.  Over time, the finish coat of hardwood flooring will change in color and luster due to wear and tear and exposure to the elements.  In addition to removing the scratches, sanding the old hardwood flooring and applying new finish coats will also help it blend more seamlessly with the new hardwood flooring.  This is especially helpful since we actually have patches of new hardwood flooring nestled in the middle of old hardwood flooring in some areas of the kitchen and dining room.

After the sanding was completed, the crew applied wood filler to cover gaps, holes, and blemishes in the wood flooring.  Tomorrow, they will return to install the stair treads.

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