House 1 Remodeling: Hardwood Flooring Installation – Day 2

The crew returned for day 2 of hardwood floor installation.  On day 1, they installed hardwood flooring upstairs.  Today, they focused their attention downstairs.

Master Bedroom


With all the new installation completed, they then worked on patching the flooring in the kitchen where there was exposed subfloor underneath the location of the old cabinets.

Dining Room

The first floor of the house has two HVAC return grates, one in the master bedroom and the other in the dining room.  Both were installed as floor grates when the house was originally built.  I really dislike the look of these and also hate how these 12 inch by 12 inch grates allow debris to easily end up in the HVAC ducts.  So I decided to get rid of these floor return grates as part of this remodeling effort.  I built a frame underneath the location of the old floor return grate in the dining room.

The flooring crew attached a piece of subfloor to the frame to patch up the hole and then installed hardwood flooring on top of it.  The unsightly floor return grate is now finally gone!

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