Repairing Sagging Floors – Part 5: Second Repair Attempt

After a failed attempt to repair the sagging floors at House 1, I called back Company 2 to see if they were interested in the job.  They were bummed about losing out the bid and were ecstatic to have the opportunity.  We met again to discuss the details of the work until I felt comfortable proceeding.

Work was quickly scheduled for the next day.  To make sure things went as planned, I stayed on site to supervise the work.  The sales consultant also did the same.  I appreciated this since this is not something he would normally do and it told me that he cared enough to give up his time to make sure things turned out right.

From beginning to end, it was clearly that Company 3’s crew were significantly more experienced that Company 2’s.  They came prepared with the right tools and materials.  Most importantly, they took the time to address any concerns I had.

They started off by excavating the holes for the concrete footers for the support posts.

The support post footers measured 24 inch x 24 inch and was 16 inch deep.  These footers were precast with rebar reinforcements.

Unlike Company 2 which showed up with just one manual bottle jack, Company 3 showed up with multiple hydraulic jacks.  They had no issues raising the house while Company 2 struggled time and time again to get the floor lifted to the desired height.

Unlike Company 2 which used a wood support beam, Company 3 uses a steel I-beam.  The beam was supported by 4 inch steel posts unlike Company 2’s 3 inch steel posts.

With Company 3, the job was 50% completed after two days.  With Company 2, six hours after the job started, the job was completed.  After it was all said and done, I ended up spending less with Company 2 than I would have with Company 3 and received a solution which was much better engineered and used significantly better materials.

This is one of the few times when I’ve hired “professionals” for a job and felt afterwards that it was money well spent.  So, needless to say, Company 2 has been added to my callback list for future structural repairs.

Now that this repair is completed, we are ready to resume the remodeling of House 1.

Stay tuned!


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