Repairing Sagging Floors – Part 2: The Foundation Specialists

After a failed attempt to have my handyman fix the sagging floors in the kitchen area of House 1, I started to solicit quotes from companies which specialize in fixing sagging floors.  Past experience has taught me that it is always good to get quotes from several companies.  Doing so, gives you a better feel for what is a reasonable price for the job and also gives you several assessments of the issue at hand and recommendations for its resolution.

It took over two weeks just to get through all the estimate appointments but it was well worth it.  The process once again highlighted for me how important it is to obtain quotes from multiple vendors rather than just settling on the first one you find.  I used the following vendor review sources to locate foundation specialists with decent reputation in my area:

After researching the review sites for foundation repair specialists, I ended up with the following candidates:

One company was removed from consideration after they cancelled on one appointment and arrived 30 minutes late to the second one. Two companies were not confident enough to perform their own assessment and recommended that I consult a structural engineer to determine the problem and recommend a fix.

The remaining three companies provided quotes for similar work but for widely varying amounts.  The first quote received was for a whopping $12,743.00!  This company spent about 20 minutes looking at the issue.

This was followed by another quote for $4,000 by another company which spent about 10 minutes assessing the problem.

The last quote came in at $5,040.70.  This company spent about 90 minutes performing the leg work needed to scope out the work.

Given that these “professionals” can’t agree on a root cause or remediation, I decided to proceed with hiring a structural engineer before making a decision.  I will discuss my experience with this in the next article.

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