House 1 Remodeling: Hardwood Flooring Purchase

With the floor sag issue resolved, we are now ready to move forward with probably the biggest part of House 1’s remodeling.  House 1 is approximately 2,000 square feet.  Currently, the common area has hardwood flooring and the bedrooms are carpeted.

The carpet was installed ten years ago so we have definitely gotten our money’s worth from it.  With the neighborhood and rents on the rise, we want to upgrade from the 900 square foot or so of carpet in the bedrooms to hardwood flooring. We have a hardwood installer that we have used multiple times now who does a good job at a reasonable price so we will be calling on him for this job.

We made a trip to a hardwood supplier that we have used repeatedly in the past and picked up 1,000 square feet of #2 solid, unfinished red oak.  This is what we have been using for our last several flooring remodel projects.  We will explain why we think this is the best choice for rental properties in a future post.  We also picked up red oak stair treads since House 1’s stairs are also currently carpeted.  Total cost for these materials was $1,786.82.

While we only needed to cover 900 square feet, we acquired extra since a 10% overage is needed to account for defects and waste that occurs when pieces are trimmed to fit during installation.

Everything purchased fit into our 5 feet x 8 feet trailer and the back of our crossover SUV so no repeat trip was necessary.  As a DIY landlord, a vehicle with ample cargo space, a trailer hitch, and a utility trailer with a ramp are must-haves.  They make easy work of DIY hauling and transporting and will save you lots of money in the long run.

Once we returned to House 1, we stacked the flooring in the living room.  We will let it sit for a week to acclimatize to house’s humidity and temperature.  This avoids such issues as contractions or expansions after the installation of the hardwood flooring which result to either unsightly gaps or buckling.

Stay tuned for the installation of the hardwood flooring in another week!

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