Kitchen Remodeling Update: Electrical Work Finished!

In our last post, we framed and installed an extension to the kitchen back wall.  With this wall extension in place, we are now ready to relocate the electrical panel for the house.  When the electrical panel is relocated, it will then free up space for a new entrance to the utility closet from the dining room.

My electrician disconnected all the wires from the panel and then moved the panel to the new wall extension.  He then began moving and connecting each wire to the panel at its new location.

Once the electrical panel occupied the new wall extension, my electrician was trapped inside the utility closet with no way to get out.  Therefore, as my electrician worked to rerun wiring to the new panel location and restoring power and lighting, I started working in the dining room to create the new entry into the utility room.

By the time I was finished cutting out the new entry to the utility closet, my electrician had finished rewiring and power was back up and running in the house.

Here’s a view of the entry cut-out from inside the utility room.

I then started framing out the new utility closet entryway.  This framing is what the door to the closet door will be installed on.

I created the door header with two pieces of 2x10s with a 1/2 inch piece of plywood sandwiched in between so the overall thickness adds up to 3.5 inches which is the actual width of the 2×4 framing that the header will be framed in.

With jack studs added to the wall frame below the header and cripples add above the header, the framing for the utility entryway is ready to go.  Here is a view of the newly installed frame from inside the utility closet.

Here is a view on the other side from the dining room.

As I was wrapping up the framing, my electrician put the final touches on the electrical work.  The electrical panel is now in place at its new location and all the house wiring as been reconnected.  In addition, he also completed the wiring of the kitchen back wall to accommodate the new locations for the appliances and outlets.

In our next post, we will continue the kitchen rebuild by reinstalling drywall on all the exposed walls.

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