Kitchen Remodeling Update: Drywall Installed!

In our last post, we finished up the relocation of House 1’s electrical panel to the new kitchen back wall extension and made a new entry from the dining room into the utility closet.

In addition to relocating the electrical panel, we also have to relocate the alarm panel.  I relocated the alarm panel so that it now sits right next to the electrical panel and then labeled and rerouted all the alarm cables to it.

With the electrical and alarm wiring work completed, we were now ready to start installing drywall to close up the exposed walls in the dining room, utility room, and the kitchen.  I measured and marked the pieces to cut out using the Swanson 48 in. Adjustable Aluminum Drywall Square.

The pieces were then cut using the Dewalt Folding Retractable Utility Knife.

The cut ends of the pieces were then smoothed out using a Stanley 6 in. Pocket Surform Plane.  I just picked up this tool today and am very happy with how clean it makes the cut edges of the drywall. 

I started first with the dining room and installed drywall around the new door frame opening.

Then I installed drywall on the exposed walls inside the utility room.

With the drywall installed on the dining room and utility room exposed walls, I then moved on to the kitchen walls.

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I finished up the drywall installation in the kitchen by closing up the small side wall.

With the walls covered up again, I decided to sketch out the cabinet layout we had planned for the back wall of the kitchen.  Everything looked good and the wiring was perfectly located. The yellow 12 gauge, 2 conductor wire sticking out of the wall is for the microwave. The white 14 gauge, 2 conductor wires will be used for under-cabinet lighting.

Now that things are starting to come together, we have multiple items that we can work on next.  The drywall joints still needs to be mudded and finished.  With the cabinet layout confirmed, we are ready to start cabinet shopping, as well.  Lastly, we can also work on checking off one of our goals for this remodeling project by improving the lighting in the kitchen.

So stay tuned to see what we tackle next!

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