Kitchen Remodeling Update: DIY Framing Finished!

We finished up the kitchen demolition at House 1 in our last post.  Now we can begin the process of rebuilding the kitchen. First order of business is to extend the back wall of the kitchen. This new wall extension is where the electrical panel will be relocated to. Once the electrical panel is relocated we can then run the wiring for the new kitchen.

This is my first time doing framing, so I went out and picked up a Hitachi 3.5-inch 21-Degree Framing Nailer from Lowe’s.

The cutting for the frame was done with my Dewalt Job Site Table Saw.

The two tools made easy work of building the frame for the wall extension.

The new wall frame was then installed to complete the new extension of the kitchen back wall.  Below is a sequence of pictures showing the installation of the wall extension framing.

The wall extension is now complete. Next up is the relocation of the electrical panel by my electrician.

Mr. DIY Landlord

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