DIY Kitchen Demolition Finished!

In our last post, we got about halfway through our kitchen demolition in House 1 by removing the entryway to the utility closet along with all the cabinets and appliances along the kitchen back wall.

This week I continued the demolition by removing all the drywall in the  last remaining wall of the utility room entryway.  This wall used to house the alarm panel which will now have to be relocated since this wall will now belong to the kitchen.

The remodeling of the kitchen will necessitate the relocation of the microwave and stove, as well as most outlets on the back wall.  I removed the drywall from this back wall to make it easier to rewire all the outlets. 

Then I moved on to the demolition of the other half of the kitchen by removing the island countertop, cabinets, and half-wall which held the step-up bar counter.

The kitchen demolition is now complete.

In the next post, we will begin the process of rebuilding the kitchen.

Mr. DIY Landlord

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